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A Message from Our President

A Chain of Creative Ideas Forms the Basis of Growth

代表取締役 廣瀬敏之

Plating is a surface treatment technology developed for the purpose of improving the functionality and corrosion resistance of metal products. To meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated and versatile industrial products, plating must be of higher and higher quality and applicable to more diverse areas.
We consider the experience and knowledge we have accumulated in the field of plating to be our core skill; at the same time, though, we refuse to be content with our past accomplishments, and focus our efforts on further technological innovations. These efforts have allowed us to offer new added value that is highly regarded by our customers. With the solid foundation of basic technologies and the application thereof, we can flexibly respond to our customers’ diverse requests, which I believe is our strength. This has been adopted by our employees through our company motto, “the spirit of creativity.”
We will continue to focus our utmost energies on improving our employees’ skills and expertise, as an investment in the future of our company. We will also continue to work toward global business development, hiring diverse employees of various ages and nationalities, improving our production structure by building new plants, taking workplace safety into account as we conduct our business, and more. By working with integrity toward various themes such as these, we hope to increase our company’s presence and further stand out in the industrial world.

Toshiyuki Hirose, President

Basic Management Policy

  • Show thoughtful consideration to all people involved with our company, as we engage in our daily work, so as to develop ourselves as humans worthy of respect, and bring about enriched, happy lives.
  • Offer customers high-quality products and services through highly creative technological development, with a focus on harmony with the environment and society, and contribute to progressing times.
  • To survive in this global era, strive to improve organizational strength through close communication between all employees, to build a company that can achieve persistent growth through innovative strategic management.

Company Precepts

  • Harmony is the greatest of virtues.
  • A promise made should be a promise kept.
  • Knowledge without action is nothing.
  • Too much is as bad as too little.
  • Show the intent devotion of an artist at work.

Our Vision

Shining Technology
at the Cutting Edge.

As remarkable technological innovations continue in the field of IT, there is a need for precision electronic information equipment with greater capabilities than ever - higher performance, yet more compact and eco-friendlier. Plating is a key technology involved in meeting these diverse needs.
It is no overstatement to say that the progress of surface treatment technology, which has been honed in terms of both quality and quantity of production, has supported the progress of the entire industrial world. At TAKAMATSU PLATING, we use the experience and technology that we have accumulated over the years for electroplating that adds various functions to a wide variety of materials.