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Etchu-Yatsuo Hikiyama Festival
On May 3 each year, the Etchu-Yatsuo Hikiyama Festival is held as the spring festival of Yatsuo Hachiman Shrine. The Hikiyama are gorgeous decorated floats that serve as emblems of the culture of the townspeople and the prosperity of Yatsuo, stretching back to the Edo era (1603–1868).
As night falls, these floats are covered with over a thousand lanterns, creating an entirely different atmosphere altogether as they parade through town.
Etchu-Yatsuo Owara Kaze no Bon Festival
The Owara Kaze no Bon festival is held September 1–3 each year, marking the transition to early autumn as the winds begin to blow.
For three days and three nights, the townscape of Yatsuo, with its old-fashioned latticed houses and earthen-walled storehouses, fills with the beautifully melancholy sound of shamisen and kokyu music, accompanied by taiko drums and singing, as the town’s men and women perform their dances on sloped streets.