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Building a Healthy Work Environment
for Our Employees

We strive to create a safe and pleasant place for our employees to work, raising awareness among all of our employees based on our Occupational Health and Safety Policies.

Occupational Health and Safety Policies


At TAKAMATSU PLATING Co., Ltd., we consider health and safety to be the most important factor in business operations, and we work to create the foundation of this: a healthy, safe work environment, both mentally and physically, for the people who work at every level of the company.


  1. Promote hazard source identification, risk assessment, and risk management, with the goal of zero labor accidents.
  2. Work toward risk prevention and continuous improvement, through effective use of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  3. Establish a corporate culture of abiding by relevant laws and ordinances, other requirements to which the company has agreed, and internal company rules.
  4. Work to establish communication with all parties concerned on occupational hygiene and safety, as well as health promotion, and participate in and support activities that contribute to society.
  5. Main occupational health and safety activities:
    1. Promoting the creation of a safe and pleasant work environment
    2. Improving awareness of occupational health and safety through education and training
    3. Promotion of mental health care

In addition to ensuring that all of our employees are familiar with our Occupational Health and Safety Policies, we also make these policies public as appropriate.